How to use social media during a pandemic without falling prey to stress and anxiety

Everyone has noticed that social networks are very stressful spaces during this time with pandemics, but still continue to use them.

With a refresh, you can get the latest news, which is a blessing but also a curse on this spread of the coronavirus, reports Telegrafi.


There are many people, that the constant slipping through the posts related to the pandemic is immersing them deep in anxiety and stress, so they should take some measures to stop this harmful process.

Why do we do this to ourselves

The last time we went out with friends was at the beginning of last month, while everyone was left staring at the phone screen, to receive the latest news about this infection that seemed to affect only the inhabitants of the most distant states. .

So it seems that we are all left, glued to the phones by following the news on social networks, to follow the data about the developments that are happening in our settlements. However, there is also very disturbing news, and we do not stop asking for more data.

Dr. Anna Lembke, a graduate of Stanford University where she specializes in addiction, has shared some facts about why we all do this to ourselves even though we know it is bad for mental health.


“During everyday life, we always have anxiety that pulsates in ourselves, as we manage to manage it with our daily routine. “But now everything has changed,” Lembke said.

In other words, those who have been involved in sports or artistic activities can no longer do them, while those who have followed the sport have no time because everything is interrupted, so social networks are the only solution.

According to her, social networks are not harmful if used regularly and do not overdo it, but should be avoided because sometimes many people post the same material, which in most cases has heavy content.

Avoid using social media as much as possible

It would be easy to say that if social networks bother you, do not join them, but this is not feasible.

Initially, Lembke suggests not using any social network for 24 hours, it is a break from them that does not last long, but allows users to be relieved by them.

This break can be done every week, like any “detox” therapy, and then become a schedule when these platforms will be used.

It would be best, if not used after 20:00, so that sleep is much calmer.

Then, avoid social networks as much as you can, just log in to get the main news about the situation, check out family and close friends, and close the account.

Twitter, and Facebook, are two of these platforms, which have the most disturbing news and posts about the newly created situation, so try to stay longer on other platforms like Instagram, Pinterest or Reddit.

There are also technological possibilities to stop the connection

If you are among those who can not stop looking at the account on the social network at least once, then there are technological solutions.

IPhone users already know the Screen Time feature, which allows you to set a time schedule when you want to follow social networks.

In this form, you can also block the notifications that reach you, while on the smartphone you can only accept phone calls.

Facebook has launched the Quick Mode feature, through which, you can not use this platform for a while and take a break from it.

While Twitter has long had the ability to block certain words or topics, so if the news about the coronavirus is a concern for you, you can block it and it will not appear again. 

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