Soon we will be able to measure the pulse and control the breathing with a camera

Google is adding two important features to the Fit app on Pixel models – and will soon add them to other Android phones.

Namely, with the help of this app, users will be able to measure their pulse and track their breathing rate in the future.

These functions, of course, should be used only to monitor the general state of health and to control the parameters, and they can in no way replace a medical examination, reports Telegrafi.

To measure your breathing rate, it will be enough to point the front camera of the phone at your head and chest. For the pulse, you have to place your finger on the camera where the sensors are located, reports the portal The Verge.

“Doctors calculate the number of breaths in patients by noting how many times the breasts rise and fall and the Fit app should work in a similar way. “We use artificial intelligence to measure different parameters and to help people maintain health in the best possible way,” said a statement from Google Health. /

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