The best way to disinfect your smartphone

Smartphones collect large dirt, which is sometimes considered to be more dangerous than some dirt that is also found in public toilets.

As it is a very necessary tool on a daily basis, the phone should be kept clean, so as not to spread any virus, no matter how much you wash your hands and try to be in control, Telegrafi reports.


But, cleaning the smartphone is not easy, because it can penetrate into the water and damage it, making it impossible to function properly. To disinfect the smartphone, the best way is to stop it first and remove all the accessories.

Mix hand shampoo with water, as it is thought to be a suitable measure, neither too thin nor too thick to remain on the surface of the phone. However, in no case should the phone be inserted into that mixture even if it is water resistant.

In the shampoo with water, insert a soft cloth, which should be squeezed well, before passing through all the surfaces of the smartphone.

When this is done, wet surfaces should be dried one by one with a soft cloth, but no toilet paper should be used.

Depending on your desire, you can also remove the SIM card portion and clean the holder with cotton swabs commonly used for ear cleaning. / Telegraphy /

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