The first phone introduced with the HDMI port

Sony has introduced a new phone and it is a device that we have not seen before.

The Sony Xperia Pro is priced at $ 2,500, which they tried to justify with a unique feature – the ability to connect via HDMI cable. Namely, Xperia Pro has more or less the same features as Sony Xperia 1 II, their best phone so far, so it seems that only the HDMI port “worth” an additional $ 1,000, reports Telegrafi.

To be completely fair, the Sony Xperia Pro has a bit more RAM and storage space than the Xperia 1 II model, as well as 5G compatibility.

HDMI ports on phones are not a new concept. Many manufacturers have experimented with adding HDMI output ports in the early 2010s, including Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry and even Sony itself.

This trend eventually stopped because technologies such as Google Chromecast made it easier to transfer media from the phone without the need for cables or ports, reports Ars Technica port.

Sony points out that this is the first phone to include this type of HDMI port.

With this model, Sony seems to be “targeting” video makers, suggesting that they use the phone attached to the camera as a live screen, or use it directly to stream HD video over the Internet. /

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