The semi-autonomous scooter moves on its own to go for disinfection

Businesses that rent sidewalks and bicycles, the cause of the spread of the coronavirus, are now focusing more on their cleanliness than on opportunities to be comfortable and attractive.

This is also the focus of a company in Atlanta in the United States, which has developed a semi-autonomous scooter, which moves on its own after the journey of the person who hired it is completed, Telegrafi reports

The Go X is a treadmill that fills with electricity and continues to move on its own and go for disinfection, at the collection point.

Through this function, efforts are being made so that the same sidewalks, not to be touched by another customer, but to undergo the process of disinfection and stay alone for a while, until it is not used by the other.

The semi-autonomous movement of this sidewalk is done through cameras that are not bigger than those of smartphones, while the empty roads enable this movement, which is quite slow. / Telegraphy /

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