“We are working on a 6G network, because we want to be ahead of the competition”

The key feature of the latest iPhone series was the ability to connect to a 5G network, and it looks like Apple is now working on developing 6G technology.

The Cupertino-based company has advertised a job in search of engineers who “would have a unique opportunity to work on creating next-generation wireless technology, as well as to influence future generations of Apple products.” transmits Telegraph.

The ad came after reports that Apple was working to develop modems for the iPhone, iPad and other devices – all to make them less dependent on companies like Qualcomm.

Therefore, it is logical that the next step will be the development of 6G technology, especially after Apple recently joined the industry group engaged in the development of 6G, called the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, reports Bloomberg.

Of course, since the 5G network became more prevalent during 2019, we probably will not see 6G fully developed so quickly.

Some experts predict we’ll have to wait at least a decade, but Apple definitely wants to be ahead of the competition.

Last year, China successfully launched the world’s first 6G satellite into space to test this new technology and see how far development has come.

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