A Dog Chained To A Pole Reaches His Paw To The Cop Who Has Arrived To Save Him

Officer Angela Laurella of Pompano, Florida, received a complaint of two dogs chained to poles on a dead-end street last week.

It was difficult to tell how long the dogs had been there or who had abandoned them because there were no cameras in the area. Officer Laurella knew there was no time to spend with temperatures approaching 100 degrees outside.

She dashed over to discover a fragile gray dog clinging to a post so tightly that he couldn’t move.

Amy Roman, president and founder of 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida, told The Dodo, “He was attached to a pole with a very short leash.” “Every bone and rib protruded, and he was very malnourished and dehydrated.”


The dog, now called Liam, lowered his head to receive petting and placed his paw in the officer’s palm. “She just gently approached him and stretched out her hand, and he kind of cowered and gave her his paw, as if to say, ‘Please help me get out of here,’” Roman explained.

The rescue may be seen here:


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