A Russian Woman Rescued A Bear From A Closed Zoo, And The Two Are Now Best Friends

Despite the fact that Russia’s coat of arms is a double-headed eagle, the bear is the country’s unofficial mascot, and some may argue that it is even more popular and generally connected with Russia. While the rest of the world likes cats and dogs as pets, it appears that only Russians favor bears. That is the subject of today’s tale.

Meet Veronica and Archie, a bear rescued from the circus two years ago because it didn’t get enough food

Veronica Dichka, a Novosibirsk native, can confidently state that Archie is her faithful friend. Maya Kirsanova, who is also from Novosibirsk, first rescued Archie as a cub from a circus. He and a few other bears resided at a safari park until it was forced to close owing to the epidemic.

Veronica subsequently adopted Archie after the local zoo closed due to the epidemic and the bear needed a safe place to stay.

As time went by, it became increasingly difficult to keep the shelter running, which is when the heroic Veronica stepped in and adopted him. Veronica had already collaborated with the bear on a few photoshoots, but she was only acquainted with Archie. But they’re now inseparable, and the images you’ll see below are proof of their unique bond.

Archie was born in a zoo and would perish if not for the aid of humans.

The odd couple hails from Novosibirsk, Russia, and they enjoy one other’s company.

Archie is clever, has a lot of tricks in his sleeve, and is well-behaved.

Veronica is a model, a professional dancer, and an avid fisherwoman.

Archie even went fishing with Veronica lately.

In comparison to previously, Archie is well nourished. He doesn’t even have to sleep.

Veronica understands what a bear embrace is all about.

They are together every day.

Archie considers Veronica to be a family member. They share meals, Archie sleeps in her arms, and when she is scared, he shelters behind her.

Archie and Veronica are overjoyed to be together.

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