In A Park, A Stray Cat Chooses His Human And Refuses To Let Him Go

While walking home via a local park, a kitten raced to Kawasaki Hina. It was unknown why the cat opted to follow Hina, but before he knew it, he was carrying the little thing in a box back to his home.
“As soon as she got back to my house, she fell asleep,” Hina claimed. “To me, she is like a family. I believe she adores me as well. He went on to say, “We’ll be together forever.” Vell was the kitten’s name at the time. She is currently a lovely three-year-old cat.

The two appear to be very close. Vell would accompany Hina around the house, keeping him company while he worked on the house. Isn’t it even surprising? She’s been doing it since the beginning! What a sweetheart!

The cat’s decision to follow Hina seemed puzzling.


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