Orphaned Kitten Makes Rescue Piglet Her Best Friend, And It’s Adorable

Meet Laura, the orphaned kitten with special needs, and his best buddy Marina, the rescue piglet. The pair initially met in Santiago, Chile, at the Santuario Igualdad Interespecie, an interspecies equality refuge for farm animals. Marina’s mother dumped her on the street because she was unwell and had pus-filled eyes. […]

Every Day, Fluffy Bunny and Adorable Cat Furiend Go For a Walk Together

We all understand the value of friends, especially when we have great friends. Life is full of ups and downs, therefore we rely on our friends to help us get through the tough times. Animals, like humans, require companions who will never abandon them and will always be at their […]

Sick Little Cat Won’t Sleep Without Her Toy Named Lamby Beans

Meet this beautiful kitten named Matilda. She has had a very tough life because of her health conditions. Matilda was born with an upper respiratory infection. Eventually, the kitten was getting worse. But a great nurse named Ashley Kelley helped the cute Matilda. Now the cat is feeling healthy again. […]

Dog Gives The “Saddest Goodbye” To His Owner When He Goes To Work Everyday

This is Teemo, a cute dog from Taiwan. He is such a human-lover! Not just that but he is so good at giving that ‘sad look’.   Teemo always looks sad when his owner has to go to work. Dog would give him such a sad look that, according to […]

See These Beautiful, Rare And Unique White Kangaroos- They Are The Cutest!

White kangaroos are so cute but they really are so rare. Also those animals are not found in large numbers.   White kangaroos are also kept in captivity to be protected from the surrounding predators and to be kept away from hunters making it easy for people from around the […]

Dog Adopts Orphaned Opossums, Gives Them Awesome Rides On Her Back

These baby opossums were orphaned when their mother was killed by a dog in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They were found by Stephanie Maldonado, a dog trainer, who tried to save them, but it didn’t look good for the four joeys; they were so little that they had yet to […]

This Guinea Pig Is So Photogenic, She Poses Totally Nude In Bath And The Pictures Are Breathtaking

Most animals are naked, but some animals are more naked than others. Baldwin guinea pigs take the cake for one of the most naked-looking animals out there, which makes Strawberry Shortcake all the more fitting of a name for this scandalous diva!   Photographer Erin Bonilla, of guineaart.com, and breeder […]

Injured Swan Finally Reunites With Her Lifelong Mate- What A Touching Moment!

A terrible thing happened one day in Berkshire, England. 5 swans were shot and one of them was shot in the cheek. After the injured swan was spotted, her eggs were taken to the Swan Support center. Unfortunately one of them passed away. The one that was shot near her […]

It’s Unbelievable How Much This ‘Scary’ Dog Changed In 8 Months After Being Rescued From The Streets

They called him Frodo. Maybe because the shaggy remains of his coat looked a little like the curly hair of Lord of the Rings character Frodo Baggins. But for a while, however, the miserable stray doggie was more like the repulsive Gollum rather than the alter ego of Elijah Wood. […]

Meet This Cute Abandoned Kitten That Has A Uniquely-Colored Coat

Meet this cute little cat named Janie. She was rescued after being found abandoned. Kitten was found all alone on the streets in Ontario, Canada. But Janie is so beautiful because she has this uniquely-colored fur that makes her look like a tiny baby raccoon. However, the cat will probably […]