Obese Dog Is Adopted By A Family And Helped To Lose 60 Pounds

Heidi Fiore and her husband felt they were ready to welcome another Lab into their home after losing one. They spotted a Facebook post about a Lab who needed a home but was “a little overweight,” so they travelled over an hour to see him. When the woman who had […]

Puppies Discovered Abandoned in a Box Were Only a Few Hours Old

Someone was walking down a road in Vermont one day when he stumbled discovered a crate with nine abandoned pups snuggled up inside, their umbilical cords still attached. The puppies had evidently only been born a few hours ago, and the Good Samaritan recognized they needed care right away. He […]

Chubby Beaver Had no Idea How He Became Trapped in This Fence

A juvenile beaver, less than three years old, was wandering through someone’s yard when he attempted to breach an iron fence. He got the front half of his body through quite fine, but as he tried to pull through his hips and buttocks, he couldn’t quite get there. When the […]

Baby Deer Sneaks Into Family’s Backyard Every Day To Cool Off By Swimming In Their Pool

Brittney Benincasa came home to find a fawn lying by her pool soaking wet and thought the deer had accidentally fallen in to the water of her New Jersey home’s pool. But it turns out the young deer was actually beating the heat. Brittney called animal control and kept an […]

Omg How Cute Is This- Roly Poly Is Having The Time Of His Life In The Tiny Garden House

Usami Ayaka is a talented ceramic artist and he always makes tiny “Ouchi Houses” for small creatures. “I make them on a scale for small creatures that we usually overlook in our daily lives,” Ayaka told The Dodo. “I started making these in hopes of seeing them in use.” But […]

Senior Bear Spent 7 Years Being Forced To ‘Dance’ On Streets For Money

For Raju the bear, every day was filled with sadness. With a rope strung through his nose controlling his every move, Raju was forced by his owner to “dance” on the streets of India to earn tips. To passersby, it looked like he was dancing — but Raju was really […]

Baby Goats Learning To Jump Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Now

Meet Gershwin, Butterscotch, Marigold, and Bruno – 1-day-old baby goats learning to jump for the first time in their lives. While the video captures their modest attempts, their owners from Sunflower Farm Creamery in Maine write: “Not yet a day old and already practicing hopping! By tomorrow they will be […]

Penguin Adorably Hops Over To Say Hello To Man On Street

The friendly penguin just wanted to say “hello” when he hopped across the street to greet a man on the sidewalk. The Tawaki, or Fiordland Crested Penguin, waddles over the road to stand snext to a man named Rodney. He seems interested in striking up a conversation and listens intently. […]

The Cutest Ever! Student And Her Dog Celebrate Her Graduation With A Photo Shot

Amee Nepomuceno is a nursing student and she felt a bit stress this year by the pandemic. But she decided to introduce her best friend to everyone. Spex is her dog and he was always by her side- offering both moral support and a helping paw. Amee decided to celebrate […]

White Lion And White Tiger Have Babies Together

These adorable brothers are ligers—lion-tiger hybrids. Ligers are extremely rare. There are only about 1,000 of them in the world, and most of these animals live in captivity. Yeti, Odlin, Sampson, and Apolo are even rarer than other ligers. They’re believed to be the first white ligers ever born! The […]