Featured Log Builder: Sierra Log & Timber

Log home builder Sierra Log & Timber has been around since 1994, serving customers throughout the United States with their beautifully designed and produced log house and timber homes. They are also the largest provider of incense (red) cedar profiled log products in the United States. They produce all of their products including their California log house packages are wood that is grown locally and then purchased directly out of the forest from major sawmills. With this level of effective log production and purchasing, they have become the largest red cedar producer of uniform round logs in the United States.

These log house builders are the only red cedar producer in the United States to offer structurally graded red cedar for both of their log and timber products. They are the only red cedar producer in the country that offers the depth of wall log and timber profiles with their matching siding, along with a huge selection of complimentary assemblies and parts. They are the only barn producer in the United States to offer a full red cedar building materials package with structurally graded products that are complemented with a fully engineered barn design. They are also the only log and timber home, barn and shade structure producer in California.

The standard process of designing your log house or timber home is based on your architectural, personal, budget, and building site requirements. Sierra Log & Timber custom design your log house with all of the log house or timber components, the structural platforms, and the log house building material package to your requirements. Included in your custom log house package are all of the building and design services that are bundled together for your log or timber home.

Your California log house package can be a bundle described by the following three categories to include Design and Engineering which is the plans package, the Building Products to include the base log or timber package or the building products they distribute. Building products they manufacture include the wall and gable logs, post, sidings, headers, rail and more. The building products include things such as hardware, sundries and conventional framing materials. The products Sierra Log & Timber manufacture are the foundation for every log house package they sell. Design, engineering, and other building materials do not have to be purchased directly from them. The reason they offer and usually provide these components is to yield you better log house budget control, more efficient project development, and more enjoyable experience for the complex process of building your custom log home.

Your log house or timber house package will be customized and unique to you, your lifestyle, budget and needs. The goal with Sierra Log & Timber is with their clients’ satisfaction and peace of mind. They offer all of their clients good, solid, realistic guarantees and warrantees programs so you can move forward in your log house build with confidence. Their production guarantee is a satisfaction guarantee promise that you are happy with what they have produced and what you have received.