An Eco-Friendly Mobile Home With Modern Architecture And Passive House Design

Now more than ever, people are interested in building homes that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. The way that we as humans live on the earth can be changed just by altering simple things in our every day lives, including our homes and how they operate. That’s where passive house design comes in as a new concept of building and design. Passive house designs are made to be as energy-efficient as possible meaning that they won’t require as much energy as conventionally built homes. There are also specific building and design elements that a passive house must include to be considered a passive house — mainly surrounding being sealed off from external temperatures for temperature regulation inside.

The home designs also take advantage of the land they’re built on too by placing the home in the perfect area of the property depending on where trees are so they can provide shade to keep the home cool in the summer but warm in the winter when they shed their leaves. Passive house design concepts have been developed over years of design and building research by the Passive House Institute (PHI) in Darmstadt, Germany, and then these practices are used by designers and builders worldwide. So it’s pretty exciting to see all of these incredibly designed homes being built all over the world and to see how much the people and the planet is benefitting from them.

Pad Studio built this eco-friendly mobile home in New Forest National Park, Hampshire, in the United Kingdom. The residential home was built as a specialty prefabricated mobile home for £400,000 which would be around $524,000 US. The home is located in a beautiful surround of forest land that Pad Studio was commissioned to design a space for. The building also had to be a mobile home that fits with the 1968 Caravan Act so it can be moved freely even after it’s put on one property. Following Passive House guidelines, the home is airtight and highly insulated, much like a thermos with good ventilation.

It’s constructed to PassivHaus standards and CSH Level 4 with solar panels and a water catchment system implemented. Inside, the home is fitted with the highest quality finishes and features a lot of usable space. Even though the home is only 6.8m wide by 20m long, it feels super spacious inside thanks to the open floor plan and the higher ceilings. The living room is a great space where they have put a large sectional sofa and a built-in shelving and TV unit right across from it. The large sliding glass door also helps to open up the space a lot too offering views of the yard outside.

On the other side of the built-in feature in the living room is the dining area with a fireplace right in the centre of the home to keep it warm and cozy. The dining area is also connected to the kitchen in an open space which is a really nice feature keeping everything open and bright. Then, the bedroom is a super cozy space that is also very open thanks to the large windows in the room, and the bathroom is very modern with clean lines and a glassed-in shower.

The construction of the home was done in Yorkshire and then transported by truck, and a crane was used to put it into position. It was also featured on BBC 2’s ‘Building Dream Homes’ on Episode 14 so if you want to look up that episode, you can find out even more about it. For now, you can be inspired by the beauty of the home in photos and maybe you’ll want to build a passive house too.