Camels Forced To Move Excessive Loads Of Rocks In Cruel Weight-Lifting Contest

Camels are clearly delicate yet powerful creatures of the world. They can tolerate a lot of pressure right on top of their famous humps, too.

The reality is, however, that it’s horrible and unreasonable to make them have to exert themselves simply to give people nearby pleasure.

Pakistan has an annual competition that revolves around weightlifting and camels.

Travelers from all different corners of the globe head to Pakistan to join in on the competition as well. There are 20,000 plus guests in attendance at these events.

Qasim Hussain is the name of the person who took the number one prize for 2019. Hussain is a United Kingdom native. He owns a camel who is four years in age as well.

He got his spot as the result of putting 1.7 tons directly on the animal’s back.

People who back animal rights causes are outraged at the moment. They have many objections that relate to the event.

Camels are given absolutely no option but to tolerate bags that consist of massive stones on their bodies. They place these bags of stones on the animals.

Once they’re through, the camels can’t even get up and move. This competition ignores the requirements of camels entirely. All it does is fixate on people and on vanity.

Team members weigh the designated stones in the presence of the persons who are involved in the competition. They place these stones on the camels as they recline.

The camels are held down with the help of ropes. Once that’s complete, they’re pushed into parading themselves and having to deal with the enormous stones.

Elisa Allen is the representative of an organization that’s called PETA. She believes that this competition needs to end as soon as possible.

She states that camels are intuitive creatures who do not deserve this awful treatment.