Man Left Dog Without Food Or Water In Backyard For Months

Image Credit: WREG News

This dog was left to suffer without food for three months in his own backyard.

WREG News reported that Kellen Jones, 27, from Memphis, Tennessee said he didn’t have enough money to feed and care for the dog.

Right, so he was going to let the animal starve to death in the backyard?

Jones had moved out of that home and left the dog, Nino alone to die.

Did he even consider bringing the animal to a shelter?

Nino is now in the capable hands of Memphis Animal Services, and Jones is facing felony animal cruelty charges!

As most intelligent, caring people may already know, abandoning a dog without food is a felony.

Take a look at this poor darling

dog abandoned
Image Credit: WREG News

Alexis Pugh, the shelter director, said that Jones was cooperating with the police and really had no idea that abandoning his dog without any arrangements for care was wrong.

Get well soon, Nino!

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