Meet the Amazing 46-year-old Woman Who Lives With 30 Cats

The love she has for cats crosses all boundaries. Merita Krasniqi-Selaci has dedicated almost her whole life to animals.

Today, the 46-year-old lives with 30 cats at home.

Even during sleep, cats are her companions.

And the fact that she lives with the cat in the same house, makes her prejudiced.

“I do not think I am prejudiced, whoever wants to come to me comes, whoever does not want does not come. I see them even when they come, they do not want tea or coffee “, said the 46-year-old.

Merita said:

“Sometimes when I sleep in the living room they see me making the bed ready, and all at once they go to bed and get ready to sleep but first they wait for me.”

In most cases when Merita and her husband sleep in the bedroom they fall asleep together with her and her husband. “Sometimes my husband make jokes to me ‘be careful because you can hurt any of them while sleeping.’ “Some of them sleep on my head, some near my arm, or on my stomach and I stay in a corner of the bed not moving.”

Merita wants each of her cats to feel the warmth and not be left aside that’s why sometimes she sleeps in the living room because she don’t want none of them to be left alone.

Merita and her husband take care of each of them by giving them water, food and all the necessary things. Her husband jokes with Merita to be careful not to step on her tail or leg. But the couple really cares about them all as if they were their own children.

Beside all of those, there are some bad moments for Merita which says “it ‘s really hard when I have to say goodby forever to the cats who passes away, or any of them leaves the house and never comes back.” these are difficult moments for her and her husband

Some people are prejudiced against her because she has a lot of cats, which is one of the reasons why most people avoid going to her house, but she doesn’t have this problem because she adores cats in every way.

Despite this, she says that she will rescue many other cats and that any cat is welcome in her house.


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