One of the World’s Oldest Elephants Has Been Saved After Decades of Abuse

Every animals deserve a worry-free lifestyle in their natural environments, yet many of them are unfortunately abused on a daily basis by so-called “people” for various reasons. The elephant is one of the most sensitive animals in the presence of people, having been born soft and kind. Even in nations where elephants are adored as a symbol of the supreme being, there are also numerous unhappy elephants who have been mistreated by people for decades.

Gajraj is also one of the sad creature. Gajraj, despite his name meaning “King of Elephants,” but he was not really a king. In reality, he was treated as if he was a slave. The 70-year-old tusker was forced to crush his toes to the bone as a symbol of worship at a temple in India. He had been chained for over 51 years and had to suffer from several serious health concerns as a result of working too hard and old age.

Gajraj’s terrible position was only discovered when a PETA initiative exposed his tale to light. After hearing about this gorgeous animal, a Wildlife SOS crew rushed to his aid, rescuing him and providing him all the medical care and freedom he so urgently required.

The operation was difficult because the hostile local people found it difficult to transfer Gajraj aboard the ambulance, and the rescue crew needed the assistance of a strong police force to overcome their unexpected assault.

Gajraj began in earnest on an amazing 3-day trip from Aundh, Maharahstra to the Elephant Conservation & Care Center (ECCC) in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh once the tough portion was finally over. He was unquestionably more content than he had ever been.

Gajraj eventually had the life he deserved, but he should have received it from the moment he was born.

Watch the whole rescue here:


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