Sickly Mountain Lion Cub Is Rescued And Now Doubles In Weight

Because unless given at the appropriate time, love and kindness can save someone’s life. Humans and animals are both affected by it. Mountain lion cubs, like the one in this story, may be wonderful examples of this. Firefighters discovered the hungry and badly dehydrated lion. Thanks to her rescuers, the stray was taken care of and is now healthy and thriving.

A mountain lion cub was discovered beside a road in Idyllwild, California, by firemen from the Vista Grande Fire Station in September. She was very malnourished, terribly exhausted, and had less than 11 pounds at the time.

The tiny little cub was thankfully survived. The firemen sought assistance from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. After that, the agency contacted the San Diego Humane Society, which agreed to take the tiny lion in. She was given specialist treatment in the shelter and is now healthy and thriving after five weeks.

“She was given hydration treatment and medicines on a regular basis. She went from five to three small, healthy meals each day in a matter of weeks. They include ground proteins and milk replacer to help her body adjust to solid meals gradually. We’re delighted to inform that she’s gained over a pound, bringing her total weight to 22 pounds!” The San Diego Humane Society’s director of public relations, Nina Thompson, informed the reporters.

The mountain lion youngster is currently active and receptive. She is currently undergoing therapy in order to achieve a full recovery. I hope to hear more positive news from her in the future!


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