This Rescued Raccoon Keeps Returning to Her Foster Mother’s House to Snuggle With Her Despite Being Released Back Into the Wild

Wild animals may be just as loving and faithful as domesticated ones, if not more so. So, they are pleased to have them in their lives since they can sense their human love and care for them. As long as possible, these animals seek to safeguard the people in their lives.

Even the raccoon in this story, Little Hands, has none of that. Despite his early age, the gentle and charming child was spotted wandering the roadside by himself. He was just a few weeks old when he was found. Back then, instances such as Little Hands were confronted by various possible outcomes “Leave it alone and let nature take its course,” says Nikki Robinson, a wildlife rehabilitation specialist.

That didn’t happen, thankfully. Robinson nursed the young raccoon until he was strong enough to return to the wild. This time, she thought, she would give him a second opportunity. As Robinson was a full-time worker, she approached her semi-retired mother, Linda, for assistance. Linda reluctantly agreed to become the raccoon’s foster mother, despite her initial reluctance. Five times a day, she might bottle-feed the animal, if she so desired. As early as June, Little Hands was saved from the streets and adopted by a family. By the end of the summer, he was well enough to go out on his own. This was his home.

Incredible, Little Hands stayed amicable with his human family, especially his mother Linda. It’s hard to believe. He has been snuggling with his mother for three years now. Raccoon wants nothing more than to see his mother and receive cuddles, belly scratches, and, of course, his favorite treats. As she sat on her porch swing, “he would practically crawl up on the swing and sit next to her, just wanting his butts and chin stroked,” recalled Robinson. When he finished eating, he’d go off.

Several orphaned and abandoned raccoon cubs have been adopted by Linda since Little Hands moved out. But, like children, they return to her house on occasion to see her. Even when they’re adults, she’ll still be waiting for them, Robinson said. “She just lights up when they show there,” Robinson said. As a mother she is also loved by her children.


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