Blin d Dog Smells Her Dad And Goes Crazy When Meeting Him And The Toddler

An adorable video of a blind dog has melted everyone’s hearts in Internet. You can see the dog interacting with her family. She was in the yard searching for her family. Suddenly she smells her dad and goes crazy when meeting him and a toddler. The moment when they meet […]

La Mancha Goat Named Tater Loves Using Her New Brush

Meet this La Mancha goat named Tater. She is so cute and unique. Actually she has an interesting routine though that was captured on the camera by her owner. You can see that Tater really loves using her new brush. Goat uses it every day to brush her hair. Her […]

Rescued Tiny Monkey Is So Famous Now, Her Pictures With Other Animals Are Going Viral Everywhere

This little baby monkey is named BiBi. She is so adorable and very lovely. BiBi is so famous now because of her story. You can see BiBi with cats, dogs, pigs, little birds etc… Also her videos are going viral now in Internet and have millions of views.  

While Working In An Animal Hospital, A Cat Insists On Petting All Of The Animals That Are There

Meet Bea, a cat with a knack for making people feel better. Some may even describe her as having a “healing touch.”   Bea is one of six cats at Look Ahead Vet in Oroville, California, where she lives and works. Elfie, Uno, Bea, and Peggy are the females, while […]

A Brave Chicken Escapes A Farm Where She Was About To Be Butchered And Finds Affection In A New Home

All animals, like the brave hen in this story who chose to flee her misery and start again, have the right to have their lives recognized and protected. You may not realize it or prefer to ignore it, but the chicken industry is a terrible business in which birds are […]

When A Pianist Dedicates A Concert To Soothe A Blind Elephant, She Responds By Dancing

Music will always be a terrific method to approach the soul, as a pianist who opted to use his talent to soothe an adult and blind elephant at a Thai sanctuary understands. The most startling aspect of the situation was the creature’s sensitive reaction to the pianist’s time and attention […]

As A Loving Mother, A Dog Adopts Many Possums That Need Help

Pets are undeniably the most fantastic friends we can have, since they bring nothing but joy and love into our lives. Dogs, in particular, have the ability to utterly steal our hearts with their reactions, gazes, real and honest love gestures, and everlasting faithfulness. Not only have they demonstrated what […]

Water Buffalo That Was Injured Is So Healthy Now After Being Saved

A water buffalo was injured and was feeling very bad. Also, she was looking for help and was waiting patiently for someone to come and see her. Five men saw buffalo on the ground and decided to help her immediately. She was sent to the vet where they treated her […]

He Failed As A Cow Dog, But When He Spots A Disabled Calf, He Rushes To Save Her

Every dog deserves to grow up in the comfort of his or her own home, with all of his or her physical and emotional requirements met. However, some furries are born with a defined goal, and their job becomes a critical component in completing critical duties. Police dogs, therapy and […]

This Little Pig Is So Talented, His Famous Painting Was Sold For Over 20,000 Euros

A one-month-old piglet was rescued by Joane Lefson. Soon, she realized that piglet is so talented.   Actually the little pig is known now as Pigcasso. Piglet enjoys painting and has become now the world’s first pig artist. “Wild and Free”, this is piglet’s most sold painting. The painting was […]